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Single Panel, Bench Mount Table - designed for Picnic Table or Tail Gate use.  Available with Standard Wind Guard for $149.99. or Deluxe Wind Guard for $169.99.  This table is approximately 16" x 16".  Designed to be used with 12" standard or 12" deep Dutch Ovens.  It stands approximately 6 1/2" tall, has a removable sheet metal floor and 8 fire proof tiles to reduce warpage.  It has 4" removable legs.  The wind guard is 12" tall.  The Deluxe Wind Guard is drilled for handles (included) for ease of handling without gloves.  (shipping not included)
Horseshoe Lid Trivet - designed to keep lid clean while checking food or before/after cooking.  They are approx. 10" in diameter.  The legs are made from large horseshoe nails.  They are plated for a long lasting durable finish.  $36.99 (shipping not included).
Horseshoe Pan Trivet - designed to fit the inner lip of a 12" Lodge Dutch Oven for fry pan or flat pan use.  They are approx. 12" in diameter.  They are MIG welded construction, and also plated same as lid trivet. 
$39.99 (shipping not included).
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